Quality Minerals in Your Pet Food?

Another way to analyze the quality of the food that you are feeding your pet is to consider whether or not the minerals it contains are chelated or non-chelated.

What are chelated minerals?  They are necessary dietary minerals that have been chemically combined with organic molecules – molecules like amino acids or polysaccharides (complex sugars). The scientific process of attaching inorganic minerals with organic compounds is called chelation.

Minerals come from the earth and are naturally absorbed by plants. Our pets get the necessary minerals that they need from plants or from eating (meat) plant-eating animals. The most common minerals that our pets need to grow and live a healthy, normally functional life are calcium, copper, iron and zinc.

Some minerals can be difficult digest and are therefore wasted and passed through the system in their stool, without being absorbed or beneficial to the pet.  However, if the minerals are chelated, they can become easier to digest and absorption is greatly improved.

What does a chelated mineral look like? They can usually be identified by the suffixes added to their chemical names. For example:

copper proteinate

manganese proteinate

calcium pantothenate

Note that not all minerals are difficult to absorb or need to be chelated yet chelation can improve the absorption of some minerals by significant amounts (5-15%) – [Aldrich G. “Are Chelated Minerals Worth It?”, April 2008]

Chelated minerals should be considered a welcome addition to any dog food product. And their presence on an ingredients list can also be a tip-off that your a feeding a better quality food. [Dog Food Advisor]

Does Multi Menu use chelated minerals in our pet food formulas?

Yes, we do.

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6 Doggie Ailments That May Be Resolved With Charcoal

Yup charcoal. I have to admit that when I first saw that charcoal cookies were available, I thought the worst and classified them as treats that were well, garbage. A little research later and I have changed my mind.

Dog breath can be brutal and generally isn’t particularly pleasant at the best of times but did you know that bad breath may be a symptom of six common doggie ailments?
Charcoal biscuits containing activated charcoal can be effective in alleviating some of the issue and getting rid of or minimizing the “dog breath” situation.

Consider trying charcoal treats if your dog suffers from:

  1. Gastrointestinal or respiratory problems (tumors)
  2. Stomach problems (indigestion)
  3. Liver & kidney damage
  4. Tooth decay & gum disease
  5. Constipation
  6. Diabetes

Activated charcoal can help speed up the digestive process and can help get the contents of the stomach out faster.

Charcoal biscuits are great to have on hand if your dog has gotten into the garbage or has eaten something that is causing them stomach upset (indigestion) or if they are particulary gassy.

We have Treat Time, oven-baked charcoal dog biscuits in stock and I’ll be taking some home tonight for our dogs.

Cranberries in Pet Food

img_2831There are always a lot of questions when it comes to pet food ingredients. Probably our biggest hurdle in the pet food business is overcoming pet owner’s opinions and misinformation about what is good and bad as far as ingredients go.

A few of the reasons we chose to partner with Multi Menu Pet Foods are that it is Canadian-made, the ingredients (other than New Zealand lamb) are sourced & processed here in Canada, and the quality of the processing is excellent. Multi Menu provides good, wholesome food for your pets.  The results and our testimonials speak for themselves.

Our feature today is cranberries, extract or dried, as a functional ingredient.

Whole cranberries have been added to pet foods for several years, but rarely as an extract.  Extract is concentrated in active components (90-100% pure) and is more effective than the whole fruit.

Cranberries prevent colonization by E. Coli of the epithelial cells of the bladder and urethra by urine acidification, support urinary tract health and have bacterial anti-adhesion properties.

Cranberries are a source of organic acids, flavonoids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

“The cranberry doesn’t stop the bug from being there in the first place but it might help lessen the clinical signs the animal experiences. Antibiotics are needed to treat bacterial infections. Cranberry is a supplemental therapy only.” – More Here

Cranberries are present in our Feline formula for cats as well as our No Grain kibble for dogs.

The Truth Abouth Corn Gluten Meal

 We were recently at a trade show where we had the opportunity to field some questions from pet owners interested in our particular brand of pet food. They had questions about certain ingredients and particularly corn gluten meal. So, here’s our take on what corn gluten meal is & what it means to your pet’s food.

According to Dog Food Advisor (a trusted web source for pet food ratings & recall notices), corn is an inexpensive & controversial cereal grain of only modest nutritional value to a dog. Corn gluten meal is the rubbery residue remaining once corn has had most of its starchy carbohydrate washed out of it.

The word gluten is a deceptive label.  There is no true gluten in corn, but simply corn proteins. Only wheat, barley and rye contain true gluten, formed by the interaction of gliadin & glutenin proteins.

Corn gluten meal is an inexpensive protein source, is an especially good source of the amino acid cysteine and must be balanced with other proteins for lysine.

Our advice is to choose a trusted source for your pet’s food – a brand that chooses the highest quality ingredients, uses the best quality proteins available (in the right ratios) and brings you superior quality pet food at a comparable price. It really comes down to the processing and its quality. There are many pet food companies out there that go for the cheapest quality ingredients to save (and make) them money. Not all processing methods are created equal. Some produce high quality ingredients, some far inferior, low quality ingredients.  It comes down to trust, integrity & the guarantee of the company.

At Multi Menu, we guarantee your satisfaction with the foods we sell. We’ll exchange the unused product or reimburse you for the unused portion, no questions asked. The results speak for themselves & I fully stand behind our products.

If you are concerned with having any corn content in your pet’s food, you might want to try our NEW Unique formula. Our Unique formula is turkey based. Phytozen has also been added. Phytozen is a synergistic, plant based extract with calming & relaxing benefits, ideal for stressed & anxious dogs. Other key ingredients include:

  • Lecithin & flaxseed meal and Omega 3-6 to promote shiny fur & healthy skin
  • Pre/probiotics to help intestinal health & aid in better digestion
  • Citrus oil extract, a natural anti-anxiety benefit for dogs
  • Glucosamine & chondroitin to promote healthy joints
  • Corn-free, soy-free & wheat-free!

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