We’re in Business!


Hi there 🐾 I want to welcome you to our new blog and am here to introduce myself & what I do here at Rocky & Jasper’s.

My name is Lori & I am in the business of loving your pets – providing superior nutrition with Multi Menu Pet Food as well as various other pet services.

I started with Multi Menu a little over a year and a half ago, part-time. In addition to that, I’ve been working at a retail management job. A lot. I’ve since given that up and am now dedicated full-time to providing great products & services to Sudbury & area pet owners.

You know what they say. Find something you truly care about, then build your business around it. That’s the key to what I do as a Master Franchise owner for Multi Menu Pet Foods.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved animals. That has included working/volunteering full-time at our local animal shelter, Pet Save. I’ve worked at the shelter, have fostered many cats & dogs and I have spent a lot of time transporting animals to wellness clinics – from Espanola to Sudbury and even all the way to Orillia & back.

When it came time to start my own business, Multi Menu was a perfect choice. I can continue to be an advocate for animal health & welfare, bring a much-needed service to the Sudbury market and make a real difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

Matching a pet’s food to their level of health, life-stage and dietary needs is something that Multi Menu does well. And they do it with all-natural ingredients at a great price.  If you’ve ever had to lug an 8+ kg bag of kibble into the house, you’ll know one reason why our customers love that we deliver your pet’s food to your home at no additional cost.

I love the success stories I hear all the time when customers switch their love-on-four-legs over to our all-natural, Made In Canada pet foods. Most people don’t realize that dogs and cats can have food sensitivities just like we do. We have customers whose dog suffers from severe allergies to chicken, for example. On our Evolution Fish formula, the dog no longer breaks out in hives, has a healthy shiny coat and is so much happier for it.  Plus, the humans are saving about $100 per month on their pet food as they no longer need to purchase costly vet-prescribed food.

We all love our pets.  I believe that it doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient to provide them with the food & pet products that will keep them healthy & happy.  With Multi Menu, I’m bringing to Sudbury a convenient, time-saving, money-saving service that truly cares about each pet’s health & well-being.

You could say that I’m in the business of loving your pets, just as much as you do.




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